With over 3000 acres and miles of trails, RedTail Mountain is a magnificent place for a Mountain Adventure. From the entrance gates of RedTail Mountain to the top of the property is approximately 2000 ft. of elevation gain. Whether you are at the peak or at the Clubhouse, the views are absolutely breathtaking, particularly at the top of the property where one can see portions of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. 


Hiking on the property can include anything from a 5 km. hike or run around Sage Valley Circle to an exhaustive two hour hike to the summit where you can picnic on our Mountain Top Lookout (currently under constuction). There are also many well known hikes such as the Appalachian Trail, or the Creeper Trail that are just a few short miles away.


Redtail Mountain is also home to numerous species of wildlife. It is actually a little too common some days to see White Tail Deer or a Wild Turkey roaming the property (Dont tell them they dont actually own it!). Amongst all of the wildlife, there are certainly some that we encourage you to stay on the trails avoid. Of course, if you are lucky you will see one of natures most beautiful birds, "The Redtail Hawk", which this Gift from God is named after.


Redtail Mountain also offers great fishing! From the Roan Valley Creek running right along the border of our property to nearby Lake Watauga, Johnson County is know for some of the best trout fishing in the country.


Countless paved backroads provide hours of enjoyment, all while viewing the countryside from the seat of a bike. In fact, in 2012 team TBB, the world champion Ironman team, chose RedTail Mountain as their summer training facility. Currently there are mountain bike trails under construction that will provide many more miles of exhilarating adventure. 


 Just 10 minutes away Doe Mountain Recreation Area has 8000 acres of trails for 4 wheelers and SUVs. 


For those less adventurous days RedTail Mountain features a  place to hangout for the whole family , The Mountain Life Lodge.



RedTail Mountain is the perfect place

to enjoy all the mountains have to offer

     RedTail Mountain is located just 20 minutes from Boone, N.C. on Hwy 421 N

    Contact Info:

    Phone: 423-727-7600

    300 Clubhouse Ln

    RedTail Mountain, TN 37683

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